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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Inside the "System Reserved Partition"


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Hello Friends.......Today I am going to tell about the "System Reserved" Partition of 100 MB which is seen mainly after clean installation of Windows....

What is Microsoft Reserved partition?
The Microsoft Reserved partition / System Reserved partition, which is also known as MSR is a partition on a data storage device.
Microsoft requires it on every GPT disk, The initial size of MSR is 32 MB on disks smaller than 16GB, and 128 MB on other disks,however it may shrink according to the size of other partitions

Is it Important?
Yes, If it's included with installation, how can it be useless it is of use when you want to use BitLocker Drive Encryption Feature though it looks empty when you try to open it .......................

Can I remove/hide it?
Yes you can, For this you have two options one is to reinstall your Windows and other is to simply hide it........... I prefer the second way because 100 MB is not that much for which you will install your Windows . so I am going to discuss the way to hide it from My Computer...If you don't want to see this Partition because it irritates you, then keep reading ... so I am focusing on hiding it ..


  • Go to Control Panel then open Administrative tools

  • Now click on Computer Management that is the second option you can see in above picture..

  • You can see that you are getting many options like computer management , system tools, storage in the left side .. you have to select Disk Management under the storage menu

  • Now Right click on the system reserved partition and from context menu click on change drive letters and Paths
  • Now select the Drive Letter and click on Remove ......
This works in every version of windows ...... This tutorial refers to Windows 8 .....

That's it you are all done..The System Reserved Partition is gone from 'My computer'...It has gone invisible so it will no more irritate you ... :P
If you have any problem regarding this you can comment below and you can also use contact us form to send us your query 

Thanks for Reading......
Note:-This is for educational Purpose only..

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