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Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Removal Failed" error in Symbian Belle FP2


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Hello Friends ........ :)

I am going to tell you the solution of an error with Symbian Belle FP2, Actually I don't know that anyone else has the problem or not ...but I faced this problem and found the solution while thinking from where the error is coming from.......

I am posting the solution here on Tekntricks for those who are facing the same problem
I was using Nokia 603 with Belle FP1 (Feature Pack 1) , Till FP1 there was no error but I upgraded by Firmware to Belle FP2 using FOTA update ( Firmware Over The Air ) successfully I tried hard and finally I got the solution for the "Certificate Error" ..... I rooted the phone using the Safe manager method of belle FP2 rooting ...

In this method I used Safe manager to update the swicertstore.dat file present in the directory  C:/resource/swicertstore/dat/  and then used Rompatcher to patch installserver.exe  and root the phone .....From then when I tried to remove any app from the phone I got the error "Removal Failed"


If you are getting this error then You have to Disable the patches from the Rompatcher menu and that's it 
Error is solved now ...Now you can remove any application without getting any error ......
after removing application just apply the patches again to avoid certificate error....
I think this error is caused by the patches we use in Belle FP2

 Note:- This is for educational purpose only
Thanks for reading....


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