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Sunday, July 14, 2013

How to boot your Android device in Safe Mode, Recovery Mode and Download Mode


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Hello Readers , Today I am going to tell you how to Boot your Android Device into Safe Mode , Recovery Mode and Download Mode.....
I will explain the use of these modes one by one with the procedure of getting into these modes ........
Firstly I must tell you that all these modes are different not same , every mode is designed for specific purpose.

This tutorial is specific to Jelly Beans

Safe Mode
You must have heard about the safe mode inside Windows , hmm a mode with minimal services, this mode loads only android system apps..Yes if any 3rd party software is malfunctioning  your device or you are getting battery drain problem you can check is there an application responsible or something else..even you can try this if you have boot loader problem...

1- Press your power button
2- You will see a dialog-box with options like Power off, Data network mode, Flight mode and Restart (try with power off too from the dialog box)
3- Press and hold reboot option from the dialog-box 
4- You will see a prompt to Reboot into safe mode 
5- That's it.... you have successfully booted in safe mode
(Above method will not work with some devices so follow below steps for those devices) 
1- Firstly power off your Android device
2- Now press the volume down button after logo of your device appears (e.g. Samsung logo) and keep pressing it 
3- That's all you have successfully booted your device in same mode with minimal services

To get out of safe mode just restart it .... .. .. :P 

Note:- In safe mode you can only use the softwares that you have got pre installed in your device.. i.e. No app downloaded from Google play store will not appear.....

Recovery Mode
1- Power off your device
2- Press the power button alongwith volume up key 
3- You will get booted to Recovery mode

there you will get options related to recovery of android system .... You can Restore your device using this menu like Refresh PC feature in Windows 8

Download Mode
This mode is really important ....
This is also called ODIN mode

1- Power off your device
2- Press the power menu along with volume down key
3- You will get a prompt ......
   press volume up key (Download mode)
   press volume down key (Restart)
4- Choose desired
5- That's it......

While installing mods (e.g. Clock work mod etc) or custom firmwares you will need this mode....You have to open ODIN on your pc boot your phone in download mode and then install mod or Firmware.....
(I will elaborate this in my next article).......

Thanks for reading..........

Note:- This is for educational purpose use.. Tekntricks will not be responsible for any illegal use ...
Try it on your own risk , Tekntricks will not be responsible for any damage to your Device.... :P 

If you have any problem you can comment here or you can also use contact us page to send your query privately........ I will be happy to help you ... 


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